About Us

We are a startup company with the vision to build laser shooting equipment wich made the lasershooting available for everybody. We think lasershooting is a great alternative for the tradidional shooting or can supplement the tradidional shooting with bullets in an environmental friendly way. With the vision of making this great technology usable for everybody - and this with it's full power and possibilities - with smart lasershooting devices.

My Name is Simon Fröhlich, i'm the founder of ALS (Smart Laser Shooting) and the one who had the idea of our first product - the SmartPLT.

With that vision in my head i found a couple of people who support me deligent and with full entusiasm. This lead to an - in my eyes - great product with features like never seen before. But i don't want to babble...try it yourself and convince yourself!




Simon Fröhlich

Designer, Developer, Producer, Bachelor Engineering

Head of Staff,

28 years of age


ALS is a Brand of SF Software Solutions - the company of Simon Fröhlich.

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