The ShotLight Lamps

The ShotLight Lamps are our series of lights for displaying results that a athlet is shooing in realtime to give them a direct feedback on his shots.

The ShotLight Lamps can be directly connected to a SmartPLT – no need for an external power source.

Actually there are two different type of ShotLight lamps available. The ShotLight Pro and the ShotLight Small. For a comparison please refer to the table below.



ShotLight Pro ShotLight Small
Status In Production coming in mid 2017
Size 600x100x60 mm n.a. yet
Needs external power source No No
Compatibility SmartPLT
Anschütz LaserPower 3
Anschütz LaserPower 3
Application Huge Shooting Ranges in Sunlight Small shooting ranges with

Where to buy and prices

The prices of the ShotLight Lamps are dependent of your destination because tax and duty fees are varey.
Please feel free to contact us to get a price.

just to give you a feeling. In germany we are selling the ShotLight Pro Lamp for around 270 EUR.

Please note that the content of this site is still under construction. If you need more information please ask for our catalogue.
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